VS Athletic Weight Lifting shoe. For Gym Planner

The VS Athletic Weightlifting shoe is a valuable and the strong weightlifting shoe it is made for especially gym builder, fighter, and Olympic player. If you are a serious weight lifter then you can use this shoe. When you are lifting so much weight above your head at that time the VS Athletic Weight Lifting shoe full support to you.

The shoe displays solid, sturdy construction throughout. In spite of their Spartan appearance, quite a bit of thought and weightlifting know how has gone into the engineering of this shoe, with every effort made to get the most out of the materials while maintaining the affordable price point.VS Athletic Weight Lifting shoeVS Athletic Weight Lifting shoeVS Athletic Weight Lifting Shoe. For Gym Planner

Including features-

  • Leather upper
  • Leather soleplate
  • Twin metatarsal straps
  • Raised heel for proper positioning

VS Athletic Weightlifting shoe has a basic look and nothing fancy or flashy. It comes with two straps which are a welcome bonus for a shoe at this price range. The white and black design is given the shoe a clean look and the hard rubber sole integrates well with the design.

The shoes hardened rubber heel creates maximum upward drive and the dual tarsal straps keep your foot locked into place. The 1.5’’ heel while high, express zero instability and you’ll find yourself exploding straight up into the lift.

The VS Athletic weightlifting shoe for women is the same VS shoe for men. While this lifting shoe does not sport the increasingly popular wide toe box, women should actually find that a place that makes it a better fitting shoe for them. VS Athletic Weight Lifting shoeBest weight lifting shoes*** It is true that the VS Athletic shoe is not the most aesthetically pleasing. Compared to other shoes they are very plain and unadorned. However, there are few shoes on the weightlifting market that are as cheap as the VS Athletic shoes which do not skimp out on the basic elements of weightlifting, including lifting performance and injury prevention. There are no shoes available that are cheaper in terms of weightlifting performance.