The Nike Romaleo is definitely one of the best weightlifting shoes. This shoe is expensive and it has a dazzling variety of colors and sizes, the fantastic shoe looks amazing with great feel. The sole of the Romaleo is made of a plastic material that does not bend or compress, which is ideal as it means more stability and power. The sole uses a different pattern, but still grips the platform just as well. This shoe is excellent for squatters and Olympic weightlifting training. Heel height is 1.9 centimeters or 0.75 inches.

Nike Romaleos Weightlifting ShoeNike Romaleos Weightlifting ShoeNike Romaleos weightlifting is one of the most challenging shoes,

The VS Athletic Weightlifting shoe is a valuable and the strong weightlifting shoe it is made for especially gym builder, fighter, and Olympic player. If you are a serious weight lifter then you can use this shoe. When you are lifting so much weight above your head at that time the VS Athletic Weight Lifting shoe full support to you.

The shoe displays solid, sturdy construction throughout. In spite of their Spartan appearance, quite a bit of thought and weightlifting know how has gone into the engineering of this shoe,

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