Pendlay Do Win weight lifting shoes!


Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes

The Pendlay branded line started when Glenn Pendlay who began coaching Olympic weightlifting in the mid 90’s, joined up with MuscleDriver USA founder Brad Hess to bring a new level of product development to Olympic lifting equipment. This Pendlay Do win weightlifting shoe comes with extra modern quality and nice design. This shoe is made of real leather with black nylon mesh throughout. The double straps and metal accents are a fantastic addition. The style is bold and has layers of design that speak to any athlete.Pendlay Do Win weight lifting shoesThe look of the shoe is solid and this is backed up by its actual supportive and comfortable fit. It has also featured two straps for even more stability during your heaviest lifts. Pendlay Do win weightlifting shoes are precision tailored to the weightlifting community.

This shoe is an excellent mid-range shoe offering good value for money. It has 3\4 inch heel which is ideal for Olympic weightlifting. Also on offer is the Pendlay Do win weightlifting shoes for women. Pendlay lifting shoes manage to achieve comfort without sacrificing function which is something you normally associate only with shoes costing nearly twice as much.


  • Wider profile
  • Flexible upper
  • Excellent breathability
  • Dual lock down strap system for firm hold

The sole of this shoe is consistent throughout, making it incredibly strong and flexible. The Pendlay weightlifting shoes for women are a terrifically designed. When this new edition appeared on the scene and was quickly embraced over its predecessor.

Pendlay Do win weightlifting shoes are strictly weightlifting shoes which mean they focus on the proper balance of stability and fit needed for your Olympic lifts. Pendlay Do win weightlifting shoes have become synonymous with the famous Do win fit, which is wider in order to allow toes splay. Still, the Pendlay Do win is an attractive, contemporary looking shoe with an edgy, slightly aggressive demeanor many will find both appropriate and appealing. Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes are fine weightlifting kit that should serve you well regardless of the intensity of your workouts.pendlay do-win weightlifting shoes

The Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes for women are designed with a technology that is formed from hard plastics to reduce weight and increase performance around the heel and bottom of the foot. This shoe combines a great mixture of materials from synthetic leather to plastic that serves up a shoe to offer excellent cross-training performance.

These materials not only allow for increased athleticism but are able to withstand extreme usage and demanding sports. Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes do win in sneaker style, being a trendsetter is not foreign to this shoe company. The importance of shoe durability and performance is at the core, however, the ability to win the hearts and minds comes from a winning style.

***I hope you enjoyed this Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes. This is a good brand and excellent value for money, and do all the things a good pair of weightlifting shoes should do. They are the best mix available for both Olympic lifts and Cross Fit training. The Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes are an excellent shoe that performs fantastically for weightlifting. The pressure and exactness needed in cross training are essential to meet the mark every time, especially during competition.

It is a wonderful product, if you are looking to get serious about your training and want a solid shoe, I highly recommended them and I think the Pendlay Do Win weightlifting shoes makes for a great choice for pretty much anyone. The materials they use are higher quality than most lifting shoes and the features are everything I would expect a lifting shoe to have. They are the reputable brand providing affordable shoes at a good price and with excellent customer service.