Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe

The Nike Romaleo is definitely one of the best weightlifting shoes. This shoe is expensive and it has a dazzling variety of colors and sizes, the fantastic shoe looks amazing with great feel. The sole of the Romaleo is made of a plastic material that does not bend or compress, which is ideal as it means more stability and power. The sole uses a different pattern, but still grips the platform just as well. This shoe is excellent for squatters and Olympic weightlifting training. Heel height is 1.9 centimeters or 0.75 inches.

Nike Romaleos Weightlifting ShoeNike Romaleos Weightlifting ShoeNike Romaleos weightlifting is one of the most challenging shoes, it is lightweight, flexible and extremely stable. Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe debuted at 2008 Beijing Olympics. This shoe has been known as the ‘’ heavyweights’’ of the weightlifting shoes. If the first edition was labeled as heavy and stiff, the Nike Romaleos shoe’s shed approximately 25% of their weight while also improving their flexibility of the forefoot.

Visually Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe appears more attractive than any other shoes on the market. The majority of the Nike Romaleos is leather and mesh. The heel utilizes a technology called the power bridge that the Nike developed to cup the heel. The Nike Romaleos are more stable than others shoes, they have a wider base and are heavier and have very little flexibility. This shoe is very important in weight lifting and it is a more popular product.

Benefits of the Nike Romaleos shoes-

The Nike Romaleos weightlifting shoe has many advantages. Please follow these.

  1. Proper positioning

The Nike Romaleos shoes guide your body into proper alignment and help it stay that way throughout the lift.

  1. Ankle support-

Many lifters have required a degree of ankle support, so this shoe is a number of high cut weightlifting shoes that will provide these athletes with the additional ankle support they need.

  1. Spreading the floor-

Those tarsal straps mentioned above also allow you to push out harder against the side of your shoe creating an additional hip activation for a stronger, more effective deadlift or squat.

  1. More effective vertical thrust-

With your body no longer having to compensate for the energy drain of soft soles all the force you generate can be directed to the task of getting the weight off the floor.

  1. Increased versatility-

Proper weightlifting shoes can allow two attack types of Olympic lifting you may have never considered before and driven the maximum benefit from your expanded lifting repertoire.

  1. Protection for your knees

Nike Romaleo weightlifting shoe protects your knees. It controlled your all body and its help to you so that, you can move your body easily.

  1. Greater ranges in the ankle joint-

The raised heel is one of the benefits of weightlifting shoes that not only generate greater stability but also provides the greater range in the ankle.


  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) heel cup for enhanced stability
  • Synthetic leather exterior for remarkable flexibility
  • Changeable insoles
  • Ability to order in a custom color

Final word of Nike Romaleos weightlifting shoe

***The Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe was created with hybrid style workouts in mind, but are still designed for use in four single sports such as Olympic weightlifting. This model is lighter than others shoes. The new mid-food single straps can be a benefit for a lot of lifters, but may not provide the double strap shoe tightness some desire. Another aspect that makes the Nike Romaleos shoe different is the Flywire material used to compose the upper shoe construction.This material creates increased shoe flexibility, which will take less time to break in, and can be a major plus for a lot of athletes. The Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe is an aesthetic, flexible, lightweight and updates from others weightlifting shoe. Finally, I will say that actually, Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoe is fully helpful for the users.